1.9 threads Explained

  Each GB going from one level to another will give outside helpers with a number of FP, Medals, and Blueprints (BP). Based on this feature people will be ready to help you and contribute to your GB if they can ensure that they will receive something in return. One particular GB called The Arc will provide its owner with an extra percentage when collecting bonuses from contribution in third party GB. The percentage will grow with the level of the Arc. At level 1 it will give 10% extra, at level 10 31% extra, at level 70 85% extra, and at level 80 90% extra. (practical ex: if I take a position that pays 10 FP in return I will get 11 FP if I have a level 1 Arc, 13 FP for a level 10 Arc 18 FP for a level 70 and 19 FP for a level 80).

  Based on that owners of high-level Arcs can help other guildmates by doing “break even” donations ie they will be ready to pay you 19 FP for a position that pays 10 FP if they have a level 80 Arc. For this to happen and for you to be able to take advantage of this willingness to help, you need to prepare your GB in a way that secures other people’s investment. This means that they will pay you 19 for a 10FP position if and only if after the payment is done nobody can take away their position.

  The name of the thread will give you the multiplier that Rushers are ready to use on you GB, the one available in The Builders is 1.9. This means that the applied extra percentage is 90%. Some guilds apply lower percentages when they don’t have enough 80 Lvl arcs this can be 1.85 or 1.8 for 85% and 80% respectively.

  Let’s take a detailed example: Growing an Arc from level 19 to level 20 with a rush thread of 1.9. The GB will offer 255 FP for P1, 130 FP for P2, 45 FP for P3, 10 FP for P4, and 0 FP for P5. The total FP needed to go from level 19 to level 20 is 1242. This means that rushers will be ready to pay me 255 X 1.9 = 485 FP for P1. For this to happen I must make sure that after the payment of 485 FP the remaining FP to level the GB should be equal or less than 485 so that nobody can take P1 anymore. Practically I will have the following calculation Total – 2X rush amount 1242 – 2 X 485 = 272. This means that I first need to self-contribute 272 FP to my GB before I can post it in the rush thread. Since P2 is always equal or greater than half of P1, I can ask for both positions to be filled as when P1 is filled with the 485 FP the second position will be secure.

IMPORTANT: Never fill P2 before P1 as doing this will enable a sniper from outside to secure P1 with less that the 1.9 amount.

  Now my GB looks like this : self-contribution 272 P1 485 P2 247 Total contribution 272+485+247 = 1004 so the remaining FP to be filled are 238 P3 pays 45FP so a rusher should be able to pay me 45 X 1.9 = 86 for that position. This means that I need to self-contribute 238 – 86X2 = 66 FP before I can offer P3 to the rushers. Same calculations will go for P4. P5 should be offered in the leveling thread for BP and medals only as it does not pay any FP.

  How to post.
“your name” “your GB name” “Position offered” this should look like :
Henry Traz 2 1
If you are posting after another player that has not been served yet you need to copy/paste his information line before yours.
This will look like :
Barnius Zeus 2
Danny Arc 2 1
Brumy Traz 2 1

  If I decide to take P1 on Danny Arc I simply need to copy paste the most recent set of lines and delete the position I intend to fill:
Barnius Zeus 2
Danny Arc 2
Brumy Traz 2 1

IMPORTANT: Do not over fill your GB as it may become an easy prey to an outside sniper. In our example I need to fill 272 before offering P1 and P2. Then I need to fill 66 before offering P3 so why not fill 272 + 66 = 338 and offer P1 P2 P3 in one go? Because by filling 272 no one can secure P1 without paying you 485 but if you fill 338 someone could take P1 with 452 depriving you of 33 FP that you will need to add back to secure P3.

  So you do not need to be a crack in mathematics’ but it is better to understand the principle first. Please do not hesitate to ask question if something is not clear.